Web Studies 3 - 16 octobre 2020

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Web Studies 3

3rd edition of the international conference on Web Studies

online conference 16th of October 2020


The international conference on Web Studies is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed scientific gathering that investigates the World Wide Web as an object of inquiry. It conceives the Web as an expansive entity: an extended space that reaches every domain of life. Seen from different perspectives and disciplines, the components of the Web can be seized as data structures, algorithmic processes, visual surface, cultural uses, or artistic expressions.


So glad to announce that the WS.3 | Int. Conf. on Web Studies, in-cooperation with ACM SIGWEB, will take place (online). Register free to get access to the videos and attend a live Q&A on Friday, October 16, from 5-6pm (Paris time).

Keynote by

Bernhard Rieder,

presentations by

Mark Bernstein,

Colette Tron,

Serge Bouchardon,

Carlos Isaac,

Federico Biggio


Register to attend : http://www.digitaluses-congress.univ-paris8.fr/Registration-form?var_mode=calcul


Proceedings coming soon from ACM Press. Informations : http://www.digitaluses-congress.univ-paris8.fr/Web-Studies-3